Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Carson James

Happy 1st Birthday Carson James, Grammie loves you with all her heart.

God had something to say a year ago today. So he sent an angel my way
A grandson to love. Directly from heaven above. Little darling grandson
today you’re one year old and every day you’ve brought all the joy that life
could hold. You’re such a special little boy and from the day that you were
 born you’ve brought so much sunshine into my world. When your eyes
 are shining brightly it’s obvious to see that one day you will for certain
become all you’re meant to be. You are to simply everyone a special little
man who brings the kind of happiness that nothing’s greater than but to
grammie you are my sunshine when it’s raining or on cold and cloudy day. 
You bring so many smiles with your funny little ways laughing, talking,
 waving charming every person who is lucky enough to meet you.You
have accomplished so many things in just a years time and grammie is
so proud of the little man you are becoming and I love you so much.

Love Grammie
Here you are just a couple days old my precious grandson.

and look at you now my handsome litte man you are one.

Who knew a sunbeam could be so enchanting? That a game of peekaboo could make you laugh every time? Who knew simple baby songs were so wonderfully silly or that bananas make the Best fingerprints? Who knew that one little person could take your hand and show you the world All over again. Thank you Carson for making grammies life so full and so blessed.



  1. Lisa- this is so sweet! What an adorable grandson you have! He is lucky to have a grammie that loves him so much :)

  2. This is so sweet! Aren't grandkids the most wonderful cratures in the world? Your grandson is precious.


  3. Really a handsome little boy. Thanks for sharing. I have 3 grand daughters and what a blessing they are. My life is now really fulfilled with love I thought was all used up on my own kids.